Advantages of the kitchen furniture made of stainless steel


"When we select readymade kitchen for apartment or private house, first of all, we oriented on its appearance, in order to fit the furniture in the interior. As well, we take into consideration its comfort and quality. If we talk about professional kitchen, for example, for restaurant or working canteen, first of all, we oriented reliability, hygiene and shelf life. Optimal variant is the furniture made of stainless steel."

Main advantage is that it manufactured for long shelf life. Even the tabletop made of the marble will has micro cracks and damages after some time, and harmful flora and fauna that are the reason for the food intoxications like to live there. Essentially, it is impossible to see such a case in the cafe, because this will the violation of sanitary norms.

You can order the manufacturing main and additional furniture made of stainless steel in Kharkov, Kiev and in common in Ukraine at DSTO company. You will find information about the value of the manufacturing the furniture made of stainless steel, its types, will be able to become acquainted with the portfolio on the website The advantages are obvious:

  • making of the project of arrangement of kitchen room in individual manner;
  • furniture differs in long shelf life and reliability;
  • the cleaning and hygienic processing simplicity;
  • stainless steel is resistant against high moisture level and acute temperature changes;
  • it is made of materials, allowed to be applied in catering institution in accordance with GOST and DSTU.

Thus, ordering the making furniture made of stainless steel in DSTO company in Kharkov, you will easily pass any Health inspection service examinations. Further you will not spend money for repair and replacement of any element.

Which furniture types is necessary at professional kitchen

Making different menus requires different furniture types at the kitchen. First of all, this is the working tables. You can keep the products, not requiring special temperature modes, in metal cabinets and boxes. In order to provide high-quality service, you will also need food serving carts, tray selves, dish drainers, mixing containers. Special attention is given to sorting and storing wastes in the tanks, specified especially for this.