Acid-resistant and corrosion-resistant steels

Main advantage of stainless steel is the resistance against the corrosion. In view of this feature, the alloys are used in different fields. Corrosion-resistant steels are able to be seen in the manufacturing household appliances and tools, medical equipment and tools, in car manufacturing and ship building, construction and other fields. For the first time, the steel was considered in 1913; and there has been great demand for stainless rolled metal products up to date. Read more

Stainless steel market is able to grow against the background of the nickel price increase.

At present, LME nickel price is increased up to 18,000 USD per ton; and this is the highest level in the last five years. The market participants noted that it is uncontroversial that stainless steel market will be grown together with it, but anyway will depend on the nickel price trend. Read more

Advantages of the kitchen furniture made of stainless steel

"When we select readymade kitchen for apartment or private house, first of all, we oriented on its appearance, in order to fit the furniture in the interior. As well, we take into consideration its comfort and quality. If we talk about professional kitchen, for example, for restaurant or working canteen, first of all, we oriented reliability, hygiene and shelf life. Optimal variant is the furniture made of stainless steel." Read more